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Bruce Montgomery
1921 - 1978
Great Britain, England
R.B. Montgomery
Robert Bruce [Bruce] Montgomery (02/10/1921 - 15/09/1978), a British prolific composer of vocal and film music, born in Chesham Bois (Buckinghamshire). He went on to be a scholarly Oxford type who wrote detective stories under the pseudonym Edmund Crispin and whose drinking habits were legendary. He was at his best with the lively march music in Sergeant played by the band of the Coldstream Guards and the wonderfully aggressive theme which accompanies Hattie Jacques' Matron as she sweeps along the corridors in Nurse.
Music has always played an important role in the Carry Ons adding another strand to the visual and verbal humour. The musical jokes range from the corny to the classical with strains of Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be to Tchiakovsky's Letter Song.
Under the pseudonym Edmund Cripsin he wrote nine books, and apparently they were very good. They are The Case of the Gilded Fly, The Moving Toyshop, Buried for Pleasure, Holy Disorders, Swan Song, The Long Divorce, Frequent Hearses, Love Lies Bleeding , The Glimpses of the Moon, Beware of the Trains and Fen Country. He died in 1978 in West Hampstead, London of a heart attack.
Edmund Crispin was the pseudonym of Robert Bruce Montgomery (usually credited as Bruce Montgomery) (1921 1978), an English crime writer and composer, known for his Gervase Fen novels and for his musical scores for the early films in the Carry On series.
An Oxford requiem
Composed in:1950
Label(s):Oxrecs digital
An Oxford requiem composed in 1950, for SATB chorus and orchestra. Duration 30'. First performance May 22th, 1951 by the Oxford Bach Choir .
Bruce Montgomery was a prolific composer of vocal and film music. His best work is considered to be An Oxford requiem (1950). His style was influenced by Sir William Walton, exhibiting an easy romantic style.