Bernard van Beurden
1933 - 2016
The Netherlands
B. van Beurden
Bernard van Beurden (05/12/1933 - 15/05/2016), a Dutch composer (from Amsterdam). He studied violin and viola at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music, continuing his studies in composition with Rudolf Escher and Ton de Leeuw.
During his third year of study Bernard van Beurden was appointed instructor of ensemble direction and general music education at the conservatory's preparatory academy. Upon graduating he continued as instructor at the preparatory academy of the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music as well as teaching at the theatre school in various other capacities. In 1969 he founded the 'Muzisch Lab’, a workshop for amateur musicians. From 1970 to 1980 he gave workshops on contemporary music in The Netherlands and throughout Europe, as well as producing many family concerts. During this period he also worked in radio, producing numerous programmes on new music. In 1978 he was appointed professor at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. There he founded d'ACCORD, an ensemble consisting of ten accordions with a repertoire consisting solely of contemporary music.
Bernard van Beurden showed a keen interest in composition from the age of 11 and during his conservatory studies was involved in various theatrical productions as composer; he has thus been involved in many facets of the arts for most of his life. Since 1980 Bernard van Beurden has concentrated his efforts on composing and at present works exclusively as a composer. Bernard van Beurden's compositions cover a wide range of genres: music for radio, television and theatre; chamber, choral and orchestral music. He has a clear preference for music for wind instruments. Most of Bernard van Beurden's works are published by MuziekGroep Nederland/Donemus, but at present his choral works are also published in the United States.
As a music educator Bernard van Beurden wrote a Workbook for music of the present (Werkboek voor Muziek van Nu), a book assisting in the practical performance of contemporary music in schools and in other group situations.
In 1978 Bernard van Beurden was awarded the RAI Prize from the Prix Italia for his radio oratorio Bajesmaf.
A number of his works, particularly those for wind instruments and for accordion, are available on compact disc.
Requiem van het volk
Composed in:1995
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English, French and German grave texts and poems of the Dutsch poet J.H. Leopold
This requiem (Requiem for the people) was commissioned by the city of Rotterdam, 50 years after World War II.
Requiem van het volk (People's requiem) : for women's choir, men's choir, accordion and wind orchestra : 1994-1995. Duration: 30'.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004
Text/libretto: Jean Pierre Simeon
Requiem for soprano and 8 violoncellos (2004); text by Jean Pierre Simeon, a French poet (06/05/1950). Duration: 15'.
J.-P. Siméon