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Andrew Worton-Steward
1948 - 1990
Great Britain, England
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A. Worton-Steward
Andrew Worton-Steward (20/02/1948 - 1990), an English composer from Kent, Great Britain, England.
Source:David M. Cummings, International who's who in music and musicians' directory: (in the classical and light classical fields), volume 1 (2000/2001), 2000 Cambridge England
Andy's requiem
Composed in:1989
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:/ written for the composer's own funeral
Label(s):Decca 436778
Andy's Requiem contains:
01. Kyrie
02. Offertorium
03. Sanctus
04. Pie Jesu
05. Agnus Dei
06. In Paradisum
Source:booklet of cd Decca 436778
Andy's requiem is a wonderful composition and, knowing the background of its conception (Andrew Worton-Steward was dying from AIDS when he composed this work and never actually heard it performed), all the performers of the Kendal South Choir under the expert direction of Hugh Davies, provided a most moving interpretation. This was obviously a challenging programme and the many hours of hard work by the choir were well rewarded. Members of the choir, John Cox and Sylvia Anderson, gave delightful cameo solo sections in Andy's Requiem.
Andy's requiem (1989). Length: 30 min. For soprano and tenor soloists, mixed choir (some divisi, some a cappella). There are two versions:
1. Accompaniment: organ
2. Accompaniment: orchestra (scoring by Jonathan Burton): 1 Flute, 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, Organ (this organ part is simpler than version 1) and strings.
The AIDS-suffering composer knew with certainty that he was writing his own Requiem. The circumstances of the work’s composition give the music a peculiar intensity and sweetness which make it distinctive and memorable. The Agnus Dei in particular has been broadcast many times by music stations across the world, and is thoroughly deserving of this recognition.
The composer’s original score calls for organ accompaniment, but it was always his intention to orchestrate the music. In the event this had to be done by Jonathon Burton, at the behest of the television company TVS who broadcast a documentary about the composer and which included a performance of the work in 1990. This orchestration, while extremely economical, has been done with considerable sensitivity, and provides an accompaniment of great warmth and spaciousness.