Jonathan Willcocks
1953 -
Great Britain, England
J. Willcocks
Jonathan Willcocks (09/01/1953), an English conductor and composer, born in Worcester. He is musical director of two large adult choruses. His published music includes major choral works, works for children's choir, many shorter choral pieces (including anthems and secular choral music) and instrumental works. He is a son of Sir David Willcocks (30/12/1919), the famous conductor.
In paradisum
Musical form:fragment
This short choral piece is for two soprano's and organ/piano.
Musical form:fragment
This short choral piece is for SATB unaccompanied.
Lux perpetua, Peace and unity
Composed in:1999
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English texts
Label(s):Priory Records PRCD 770
Peace and Unity - texts drawn from a wide range of sources, with the compelling theme of the futility of conflict and the power of unity for mankind. Duration: 30 min. For SATB chorus and orchestra (small solo parts for singers from within the choir) orch: 2,1,2,1; 2,2,0,0; timp + 2 perc, harp and strings. Commissioned by Hinsdale Township High School District, Chicago, USA, first performed 23rd March 1999.
This six-movement work for SATB voices and orchestra celebrates the themes of peace and unity to produce music of beauty, power, compassion, and great poignancy. The choral writing contains semi-chorus and solo voices from within the choir, but no separate soloists are needed. Lux perpetua (Peace and Unity) contains:
- Requiem aeternam
- An army marches into war
- Light looked down
- At dawn the ridge emerges
- Lord, make me an instrument
- Et lux perpetua, luceat eis
Author:Peter Wells
From darkness to light - A requiem of hope
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:Latin mass and poetry by Ryland Baldwin
In memory of:war victims in the Korean War and World War I
Label(s):Resmiranda Records USA RES 8048
This work combines the traditional Latin words of the requiem mass with contemporary poetry by Ryland Baldwin. Duration: 26 min. For SATB chorus, baritone solo, brass (4tpts, horn, 2 tbns, tuba), timpani, 2 perc and organ. Alternative orch: 2,2,2,2; 4,2,3,1; timp+2 perc, strings) Commissioned by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Oratorio Chorus, first performed March 2003.
In May 2003, Oratorio Chorus gave the world premiere of British composer Jonathan Willcocks's From darkness to light, a work commissioned for the chorus in honor of Ryland Andrew Baldwin by Dr. and Mrs. Charles Webb Miller. The cantata sets texts from the requiem mass as well as new poetry by chorus member Ryland Baldwin. As a veteran of the Korean War, Baldwin reflects on the horrors of war based on his own experiences in Korea and a visit to Belleau Wood, the World War I American cemetery and memorial in France.