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Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse
1774 - 1842
Denmark / Germany
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C.E.F. Weyse
Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse (05/03/1774 - 08/10/1842), a German/Danish composer, He was born in Altona, Hamburg, Germany (the area was Danish at the time) and died: October 8, 1842, Copenhagen, Denmark. Buried: Gråbrødre Kirkegård, Roskilde, Denmark. Weyse moved to Copenhagen at age 16, and studied music and organ. He was the organist at Vor Frue Church in Copenhagen until his death, and was named court composer in 1819.
Requiem in C minor
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1828
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem in C minor in Latin for male choir TTBB.