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Frantisek Seraf Ignaz Antonin Tuma
1704 - 1774
Czech Republic
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F.S.I.A. Tuma
Franz Tuma -Franz Ignaz Anton Tuma- (02/10/1704 - 30/01/1774), a Czech composer and viola da gamba player, born in Adlerskostelets (Bohemia).
Author:Theo Willemze
Requiem (3x)
Composed in:1770c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Tuma worked at the court in Vienna, but he went to Gera in 1768. In Gera he composed a lot of church music, e.g. 53 masses and at least one requiem in C minor (between 1735-1765).
Author:Theo Willemze
Source:Componistenlexicon and Hugo Riemanns Musik-Lexikon
Tuma wrote several Requiems for choir and orchestra.