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Jackson Berkey
1942 -
United States of America, PA
J. Berkey
Jackson Berkey (24/05/1942), an American composer and pianist (born in Huntingdon, PA). Among other things he has done during his career, he has performed as keyboard player with Mannheim Steamroller on their "Fresh Aire" recordings and Christmas albums.
Jackson and his wife Almeda performed with the Choral Society at both of the concerts at which his compositions were premiered. Both concerts featured other delightful Berkey works for choir, as well as virtuostic piano playing by Jackson and vocal solo numbers by Almeda, a soprano. Berkey's choral works are published by his own publishing firm, Soli Deo Gloria Press.
Requiem for a pioneer woman
Composed in:1996
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:a poem by Margaret Delaney
Label(s):SDG Records CD 961
Requiem for mixed chorus, double string quartet and acoustic piano. The text is a poem by Margaret Delaney. It lasts 4:40 minutes.
Jackson Berkey's Requiem takes its text from a 4-line poem (Requiem for a Pioneer Mother) by South Dakota poet Margaret Delaney. This final section of Berkey's longer work South Dakota Shadows rounds out the composer's bicentennial composition and, in the words of writer James L. Livingston, "...brings all residents to meditate for a moment at the grave of the pioneer mother. Her spirit and energy eased hard times here in this lonely, stark environment. Now she is brought to final rest, a rest which is also a fulfillment, for she has set an example for those who come after. The community comes together to pay tribute; coming together, it realizes what its life means. In South Dakota Shadows Jackson Berkey reveals the values that have made life in South Dakota and by extension in all of America a spiritual experiment and experience, a model for the future life of our nation."
Author:James L. Livingston