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David Rosenbloom
1949 -
United States of America, MD
D. Rosenbloom
David Rosenbloom (1949), an American musician, born in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a former guitarist on Glenn Branca's symphonies, has carried out parallel careers in folk, rock and avantgarde music. The album Reliquiary (Dark Roots, 2001) compiles archival works from 1981-93: e.g. the five-movement Requiem for the fallen (1988) for voices, oboe, flute, bass, synth, drums, guitar (whose first movement is a nightmare of martial tempos, high-pitched drones and lugubrious vocals, and whose third movement is a spasm of extreme sonic gestures).
Requiem for the fallen
Composed in:1988
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass, additional text by composer
In memory of:Andrew Rosenbloom and other victims of AIDS
Label(s):The Orchard 8523
Dark Roots DR004
A requiem for 2 voices & ensemble. It contains:
- Lacrimosa
- Farewell
- Requiem
- Kyrie
- Lux aeterna
A work of varied and often exotic influences... mr. Rosenbloom plays with extremes.
Source:New York Times, May, 1989
Requiem for the fallen (1988) first performed at the Bang on a Can Festival, May 1989. Text from the Latin requiem mass; additional text by composer. Dedicated to Andrew Rosenbloom and other victims of AIDS. Duration app’x: 14'. From the album Reliquary, track 7 - 11 (Dark Roots DR004).