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Robert H.P. Platz
1951 -
R.H.P. Platz
Robert Platz (16/08/1951), a German composer. He was born in Baden-Baden. He studied with Wolfgang Fortner and Karlheinz Stockhausen, conductoring examination with Francis Travis. He received numerous prizes and awards, among them from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Japan Foundation. He gave concerts and performances at important festivals such as Musik der Zeit (WDR), Musica (Strasbourg), Rencontres Internationales (Metz), Donaueschingen, Witten, Holland Festival, Huddersfield, London, Salzburg Festival. He is director of the composition class at the Musikhochschule Maastricht.
Composed in:1983
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Bernd Rauschenbach
In memory of:Konrad Bayer
Label(s):Wergo WER 6521-2
Requiem (Hörspiel-Montage) for tenor, bass, soprano and choir. Text of the Requiem by the German painter and writer Bernd Rauschenbach (1952), called Natural Gas for Ferdinand Waldmüller: a Requiem for Konrad Bayer. Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller was an Austrian painter (1793 - 1865) and Konrad Bayer an Austrian writer/poet (1932 - 1964).
Author:Herman Ram

♫ 01. Requiem Part 1
© Wergo WER 6521-2

♫ 02. Requiem Part 2
© Wergo WER 6521-2
Picture Picture
Konrad Bayer
Bernd Rauschenbach