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Hans Georg Pflüger
1944 - 1999
H.G. Pflüger
Hans Georg Pflüger -Pflueger- (26/08/1944 - 09/03/1999), a German composer, born in Gmund. He studied with Henk Badings, Wolfgang Fortner and Karl Richter (organ).
Memento mori
Composed in:1995
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Georg Trakl and the Latin mass
In memory of:/ dedicated to: Joseph Diemer
Label(s):Cadenza CAD 800 910
Memento mori Subtitle: Ein requiem. It is for bass solo, choir and orchestra after texts of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl (1887 - 1914) and the Latin text of the Missa pro defunctis. Dedicated to Joseph Diemer, who made the project possible.
Georg Trakl