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Robert Leonard Moran
1937 -
United States of America, CO
R.L. Moran
Robert (Leonard) Moran (08/01/l937), an American composer, from Denver. He studied 12 Tone Composition with Hans Erich Apostel in Vienna, l957-58; completed his Masters Degree in Composition with Luciano Berio and Darius Milhaud at Mills College, l96l-l963.
Philip Blackburn wrote Requiem for a Requiem, a musical collage of several recorded works by Robert Moran on the Innova label.
Requiem: Chant du cygne
Composed in:1989
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:from statements Mozart made the day he died
Duration:ca. 23'
Label(s):Argo London Records
Polygram Records 44540
A requiem for four SATB choruses and four instrumental ensembles.
It contains:
01. Requiem part I (7'45)
02. Requiem part II (7'08)
03. Requiem part III (7'06)
Source:booklet of cd Argo 444 540-2

♫ 01. Requiem part I
© Argo 444 540-2

♫ 02. Requiem part II
© Argo 444 540-2

♫ 03. Requiem part III
© Argo 444 540-2
A requiem for four SATB choruses and four instrumental ensembles. Duration: ca. 23. The work requires an extremely live performance space, preferably a large cathedral. Premiere was in May 1990.
The text is from statements Mozart made the day he died. This Requiem has always shared the program with the Mozart Requiem. The final movement of this Requiem incorporates the 12 tone row from the Graveyard Scene in Mozart's Don Giovanni, originally discovered by Darius Milhaud, and mentioned to Moran as a possible inclusion in a future work.
Group I: front of public-SATB chorus, 2 violins, viola, cello, string bass, trombone and keyboard synthesizer
Group II: SATB chorus at the back of the cathedral-with 3 violins, viola, cello, string bass, 2 trombones, keyboard synthesizer
Groups III and IV: (on either side of the public) SATB chorus, 2 violins, viola, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet (in C)
Trinity Requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2010
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the victims of 9/11
Label(s):Innova 244
Trinity Requiem (2010), Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of September 11 2001, for Orchestra, Organ and Youth Chorus. Choral music of Robert Moran, featuring the 9/11 Requiem written for the Ground Zero church. Moran was commissioned by Trinity Wall Street (the ‘Ground Zero’ church) to write a Requiem for their youth chorus to commemorate the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001. The result is a heartfelt and heavenly work for angelic voices with organ, harps and cellos. Its simplicity and direct appeal rival that of Faure himself and it is sure to become a standard repertory work. While many of the singers were barely born at the time of the attacks in New York, the composer found inspiration in the all-too common grief found in war zones around the world (such as Kosovo and London) when children suddenly lose their families to violence.
Contributor:Arye Kendi