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Michel Pignolet de Montéclair
1667 - 1737
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M.P. de Montéclair
Michel de Montéclair (04/12/1667 - 27/09/1737), a French composer, born in Andelot, died in Paris. Dramatic and instrumental com poser, pupil, while chorister at the Cathedral of Langres, of Jean Baptiste Moreau. After having been connected with various churches in the provinces of France, he became maitro de musique to the Prince de Vaudemont, whom he accompanied to Rome. Returning to Paris about 1700, he joined the Opera orchestra as double-bass player in 1707, and was pensioned in 1737. Works Operas : Les fetes de 1'ete, given in Paris, Opera, 1716; Jephte, ib., 1732. Requiem ; Motets ; Cantatas for voice, with basso continue ; 6 concertos for 2 flutes ; 6 concertos for flute and bass ; 4 collections of minuets ; 6 trios for strings ; Collection of brunettes for flute and violin. He published Nouvelle methode pour appreudre la musique, etc. (Paris, 1709), and a method for violin (Paris, 1720).
Messe de requiem
Composed in:1736
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
De Montéclair wrote one Messe de requiem in 1736, which is lost.