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Bohuslav Martinu
1890 - 1959
Poland | Czech Republic
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B. Martinu
Bohuslav Martinu (08/12/1890 - 28/08/1959), a Czech composer and violinist, born in Policka, Poland. He was a pupil of Suk and Roussel.
Author:Theo Willemze
Polni me ('Soldier-requiem' or 'Polish mass' or 'Field mass')
Composed in:1946
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Czech language by Jiř Mucha (1915-1991)
In memory of:the Czech soldiers
Label(s):Supraphon Records SU 4042-2
A so-called 'soldier-requiem' or 'Polish mass' or 'field mass', a cantata for bariton, male chorus and orchestra. In memory of the Czech soldiers who were killed helping the Polish army in their battle against Germany in 1939.

♫ Polni me
Supraphon Records SU 4042-2
J. Mucha