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Leonid Bashmakov
1927 - 2016
L. Bashmakov
Leonid Bashmakov (01/04/1927 - 04/12/2016), a Finnish composer (born in Terijoki). His stylistic roots are in the Neo-Classicism of the 1950s, which his dodecaphonic transition period distilled and concentrated into his later highly expressive free-tonal style. The closest comparisons to Bashmakov's energetic, colourful and expressive style can be found in the work of composers such as Béla Bartók, Arthur Honegger and André Jolivet.
Composed in:1988
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Rukous tuntemattomalle a Finnish poem by Lassi Nummi (1928)
Rukous tuntemattomalle Lassi Nummen tekstiin (Prayer to the Unknown, setting of a poem by Lassi Nummi (1928), a Finnish writer and jounalist), composed in 1988. For soprano, alto, boy soprano, baritone, tenor solos, mixed choir, piano+celesta and orchestra.
Part I:
- De Profundis
- Me vaellamme täällä (Our Earthly Wanderings)
- Polku varjon laaksossa (The Path through the Vale of Shadows)
- Per speculum
- Ruo'on huokaus (The Reed's Sigh)
- Kasvojesi eteen (Before Thy Face)
- Dies irae
Part II:
- Minä, syntymätön (I, Unborn)
- Varhain tai myöhään (Sooner or Later)
- Kun yön varjot irtoavat (When the Shadows of the Night Disperse)
- Tie (The Road)
- Kaksi tietä (Two Roads)
- Syvyyden hirviöt! Kyrie eleison! (Monsters of the Deep! Kyrie eleison!)
- Tuba mirum
Part III:
- Puun rukous (The Tree's Prayer)
- Sanctus
- Isämeidän (Our Father)
- Kun salama iskee (When Lightning Strikes)
- Agnus Dei
- Anna meille rauha (Give us Thy Peace)
- Lux aeterna
Duration: 1h 47 min
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis
L. Nummi