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Evgeni Kostitsyn
1963 -
United States of America
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E. Kostitsyn
Evgeni Kostitsyn (29/07/1963), an American composer, pianist, educator and executive.
Violin Concert - Requiem
Musical form:free
Length: 23 min. For violin; 1-1-1-1 -Legno; 1-1-3-1 -Ottone, 2-percussion; 6 vocal; Tenor-Sax (B); Arpa; Piano; Actor; Conductor; 4-3-2-1 -Strings
A Ring of Three American Requiems-American Requiem I
Period:21st century
Composed in:2002
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:A.Lincoln, G.W.Bush, Osama bin Laden, Amr Moussa, W.Whitman, T.S.Eliot, E.E.Cumming, Koran and Bible verses
Label(s):CDK Music 015
For vocal soloists, 2 mixed choirs and large symphony orchestra. A double CD with three American Requiems and symphony #3 is coming up. All texts of the ring of American Requiems as well as a description of the project is available through contacting Evgeni Kostitsyn at ekostitsyn@yahoo.com.
American Requiem contains music written in different styles ranging from Gregorian chants and 'classical' to rapp and hard rock. Texts are by Abraham Lincoln, G.W. Bush, writings on walls of American restrooms, Osama bin Laden, Amr Moussa, Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, E.E. Cummings, Koran and Bible. Among characters: A. Lincoln, GW Bush, Osama bin Laden, Amr Moussa, uncles Sam and Scrooge, Statue of Liberty.
Musical electronic toys, performing songs from AR, are the related product of AR - GW Bush, Osama bin Laden, uncles Sam and Scrooge.Three American requiems and symphony # 3 on double CD should appear by June as a demo version and hopefully by September 11 - in retail net world-wide.
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A Lincoln
G.W. Bush
Osama bin Laden
Amr Moussa
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W. Whitman
T.S. Eliot
E.E. Cummings