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Charles Koechlin
1867 - 1950
C. Koechlin
Charles Koechlin (27/11/1867 - 31/12/1950), a French composer and theorist, from Paris. He composed chamber music, piano music and choral music. He was a pupil of Gedalge, Massenet and Fauré.
Requiem des pauvres bougres
Composed in:1937
Musical form:fragment
Koechlin’s incomplete Requiem des pauvres bougres, opus 161 (1937), uses only the words ‘Requiem aeternam, dona eis requiem’ as the basis of three short choral invocations, alternating with instrumental sections for piano or organ and orchestra.

♫ Requiem des pauvres bougres
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Author:Steven Chang-Lin Yu