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Oskar Blarr
1934 -
O.G. Blarr
Oskar Gottlieb [Oskar] Blarr (06/05/1934) is a German composer, organist, church musician and academic teacher. Blarr composed four oratorios about the life of Jesus, four symphonies, chamber music and works for organ. He also set many songs of the genre Neues Geistliches Lied to music, some of under the pseudonym Choral Brother Ogo. His organ works were recorded with organists Wolfgang Abendroth and Martin Schmeding. He was a member of the ecumenical Textautoren- und Komponistengruppe der Werkgemeinschaft Musik e.V. and the association Musik in der Ev. Jugend (now: Textautoren- und Komponistengruppe TAKT.
Stufen zu Mozart
Composed in:1991
Musical form:free
Stufen zu Mozart (Steps to Mozart) (1991) for soprano and flute and the orchestra: from Mozart's "Requiem" = Mandelstam music 2.
Source:Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek
Cantate XXI
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:Johannes Bobrowski (1917-1965) & Diethard Zils (1935) & Bible verses
In memory of:Margret
Cantate XXI "Gotteszeit Menschenzeit" : Requiem für Margret (2005), for soli Soprano, Tenor and instruments.
Source:Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek
Johannes Bobrowski (09/04/1917 - 02/09/1965), was a German poet and storyteller.
Diethard Zils O.P. (1935) is a German Dominican, priest and hymnwriter.
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Johannes Bobrowski
Diethard Zils