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Christian Bahrens
1958 -
Chr. Bährens
Christian Bährens (Baehrends) (1958), a German Christian Bährens is a choir director, composer and music educator in his hometown of Berlin. Here he studied music, then attended master classes with Heinz Hennig and Laszlo Heltay and founded the Wilmersdorf chamber choir and the vocal ensemble Cantico Nuovo. He has also directed the Matthäuskantorei Steglitz and the Great Choir of the Beethoven-Gymnasium for many years.
Deutsches Requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2018
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Boris. Pasternak, Psalm 23, Proverbs
In memory of:the composer's brother-in-law: Jan Zellmer
Deutsches Requiem for Choir a cappella (2016-2018). In the spring of 2016, my brother-in-law Jan Zellmer died unexpectedly at the age of 42. After At the atmospheric funeral service I decided to hold a requiem in his memory compose. I first chose texts that had been read or sung at the celebration (Bonhoeffer, Pasternak, Psalm 23 and Wisdom of Solomon) supplemented this collection then with poems by Eichendorff, Gothe and Storm and got to work.
Author:Christian Bährens
Lux aeterna
Period:21st century
Composed in:2018
Musical form:motet
In memory of:dedicated to EMBLA in Trondheim.
Lux aeterna (2018) for female choir (SSAA) is dedicated to EMBLA in Trondheim.