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Luigi Rossi
c.1597 - 1653
L. Rossi
Luigi Rossi (c.1597 – 20/02/1653) was an Italian Baroque composer. Born in Torremaggiore, a small town near Foggia, in the ancient kingdom of Naples, at an early age he went to Naples where he studied music with the Franco-Flemish composer Jean de Macque, organist of the Santa Casa dell’Annunziata and maestro di cappella to the Spanish viceroy. Rossi later entered the service of the Caetani, dukes of Traetta.
Peccantem me quotidie
Period:Late Renaissance
Musical form:motet
Label(s):Nimbus Records NI 6152

♫ Peccantem me quotidie
© Nimbus Records NI 6152
Responsorium Text:
R. Peccantem me quotidie et non me penitentem, timor mortis conturbat me, quia in inferno nulla est redemption. Miserere mei, deus, et salva me.
R. The fear of death overwhelms me, who sin every day and not repent: for in hell there is no redemption. Have mercy on me O God and spare me.