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Bohumil Kaspar
1870 - 1924
Czech Republic
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B. Kašpar
Bohumil Kašpar (05/10/1870 - 11/04/1924), a Czech Music composer, organist, choirmaster and music columnist, also writer and poet. Under his own name, he was active as a musician and music columnist, under the pseudonym Zd.A. Schütz published fiction. He was born on October 5, 1870 in Holice in Bohemia, died on April 11, 1924 in Prague.
Responsoria to the Requiem
Mass responses to the sung Mass (of St. ?): for unison choir with organ accompaniment / harmonized and edited for practical use:
01. Before the Oration
02. After it
03. To the Gospel
04. To the Preface
05. To the Pater noster
06. Mass responses at the requiem
07. Responses to "Ite missa est"
08. Responses to "Benedicamus Domino"