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Bohumír Cyril Petr
1905 - 1976
Czech Republic
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B.C. Petr
Bohumír Cyril Petr (13/10/1905 - 16/07/1976), a Czech Roman Catholic priest and for some time a member of the Benedictine order , organist , composer, musicologist, defectologist, topographer and historian. He graduated from the grammar school in Pilsen . He first studied music privately. In 1920, he became a pupil of the Organ School of the General Cyrillic Unity in Prague, where he was, among others, a pupil of the prominent organist and composer Vojtěch Říhovský . He joined the Benedictine order and studied Catholic philosophy in Salzburg . In 1930 he was ordained a priest in Beuron and a year later defended his doctoral thesis Das aesthetische Gefühl . He also learned to play the organ in Salzburg. He worked as an organist in Salzburg and then in Prague. In 1932 , he left the order and continued his studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. He became a doctor of philosophy in 1936 , when he defended his thesis: Symbolism in Gregorian chant from the point of view of aesthetics and liturgy . He was involved in the interpretation of church music and published a number of works on the subject in the journal Cyril . [2] He also studied law and natural sciences. He received another doctorate in 1948 at the Faculty of Science for the work Homo musicus . In addition, he passed state exams in German, Latin, singing, organ and even defectology . The last one happened only in 1954and the relevant state work was called Reeducation of hearing as an educational aid in schools . Among other things, he also dealt with topography. He worked as a high school professor in Duchcov , Mladá Boleslav and Prague. He published works from all the fields he studied, both in Czech and German, as well as in Latin. He also wrote several collections of poems. He gave numerous lectures and organized concert activities. His manuscript of the multi-volume Organ Encyclopedia is stored in the Prague Music Museum .
Jičín Requiem
Composed in:1943
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Jičínské rekviem contains:
01. Introit
02. Kyrie
03. Graduale
04. Tractus
05. Lacrimosa
06. Offertorium
07. Sanctus
08. Benedictus
09. Agnus
10. Communio