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Eurico Carrapatoso
1962 -
E. Carrapatoso
Eurico Carrapatoso ComIH (15/02/1962, in Mirandela) is a Portuguese composer.
Requiem à memória de Passos Manuel
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004
In memory of:Manuel da Silva Passos
Requiem à memória de Passos Manuel (2004), for bariton, mixed choir and orchestra. In memory of Manuel da Silva Passos (5 January 1801 – 16 January 1862) was a Portuguese jurist and politician, one of the most notable personalities of 19th-century Portuguese Liberalism. He is more commonly referred to as Passos Manuel, due to the way he was addressed in Parliament, where members were announced by their surname — "Manuel" being apposed to his surname in order to distinguish him from his brother, José da Silva Passos (Passos José), who was also a member of Parliament.