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Louis Canter
20th - century
United States of America, FL
E.L. Canter
E. Louis Canter, OEF (20th century), an American composer and is a Director of Pastoral Care. He has extensive background and education in pastoral care and ministry, which stretches over forty years. His recent ministries included music, faith formation, and training of ministers as well as pastoral care for the sick. His concern for others has afforded him the opportunity to reach out beyond the Catholic Faith, and is a sought after speaker on behalf of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. Louis belongs to a Franciscan community of which he is a professed member. Louis is a composer and his music is published by various publishers, which include International Liturgical Publications and Oregon Catholic Press. He recently was asked to be Composer in residence by the Order of Lutheran Franciscans.
Requiem for the Innocents
Period:21st century
Composed in:2016
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass + Bible verses
Duration:ca. '35
Label(s):International Liturgy Publications
Requiem for the Innocents contains:
01. Rachel 1:05
02. Kyrie 4:18
03. Narration I 2:14
04. Psalm 139: 13-16 1:21
05. Reflection I 1:52
06. Recordare 1:17
07. Confutatis 2:49
08. Sanctus 3:29
09. Narration II 2:27
10. Reflection II 1:08
11. Pie Jesu 3:51
12. Agnus Dei 2:05
13. Narration III 2:29
14. In Paradisum 2:30
15. Reconciliation 1:33