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Jamie Brown
1980 -
Great Britain, England
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J. Brown
Jamie Brown (1980) is a British classical composer who studied with Judith Weir in London. He is also a professional linguist and has previously lived in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Musically, he is predominantly interested in vocal music, particularly for the stage, and influences range from Judith Weir and Benjamin Britten to Bjrk, Sigur Rs and folk music from around the world.
A Cornish Requiem / Requiem Kernewek
Period:21st century
Composed in:2015
Text/libretto:sections of the Latin Requiem mass and Rol Hodge
A Cornish Requiem / Requiem Kernewek for solo baritone, SATB choir, community choir, brass quintet, drum and organ. Text: sections of the Latin Requiem mass and the newly commissioned poem 'Mernans ha Remembrans' by Rol Hodge Commissioned by The Voices of London Festival and due to be premiered at St. James' Church, Sussex Gardens, 2015