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Miloje Milojevic
1884 - 1946
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M. Milojevic
Miloje Milojević (27/10/1884 - 16/06/1946) was a Serbian composer, musicologist, music critic, folklorist, music pedagogue, and music promoter. Born and died in Belgrado.
Opelo (no. 2)
Composed in:1934
Opelo (No. 2) (in G minor) for male choir. A. P. D. "Obilić", (B. m.) (1934).
Opelo (Op. 43)
Composed in:1935
Opelo (Op. 43) in D minor for three equal votes. He also composed the Choir of the King Alexander I Gymnasium in Belgrade and dedicated it to Miloje Milojević. Own edition, Belgrade 1935.