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Giovan Battista Girolami
1702 - 1786
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G.B. Girolami
Giovan Battista Girolami (1702 - 20/01/1786), an Italian composer. Priest, composer and protonotary apostolic, Girolami was born in 1702 in Vergemoli in the Tuscany province of Lucca. He was the son of Giovanni Luca, who was the son of Jacopo. He was the brother of Carlo Antonio who was the first of the family to move to Castelnuovo Garfagnana in the province of Lucca, where, in 1728 he married Chiara Teresa, daughter of Cristoforo Pieracchi. The descendents were related with the Counts of Carli Girolami the Marquesses of Gargioli Malaspina of Reggio Emilia. Girolami was ordained in 1724 and, in 1763, became organist of the Cathedral of Castelnuovo. He died January 20, 1786. The grandchildren Girolamo and Valentino Girolami became, respectively, organist and chapel master of the Cathedral in 1806.
Messa da requiem in A minor
Composed in:1775c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Kicco Classic KC062.1
Requiem mass for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra. This mass was completed by Luca Bacci