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Santino Girelli
c.1590 - c.1650
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S. Girelli
Santino Girelli (ca.1590 - ca.1650), an Italian composer, born in Brescia. He was a pupil of Bertani.
Source: Grove’s dictionary of music and musicians
Period:Late Renaissance
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Later in the 17th century numerous requiem settings, many in concertato style, were produced by composers including G.B. Bassani, G.A. Bernabei, Antonio Bertali (eight settings), Biber, Giovanni Cavaccio, Cavalli, Cazzati, Joan Cererols, G.P. Colonna, P.A. Fiocco (three settings), Santino Girelli, J.K. Heller, J.C. Kerll (two settings), A.V. Michna, Marcin Mielczewski, Alessandro Scarlatti, Johann Stadlmayer, Christoph Straus (two settings) and Viadana.
Author:Steven Chang-Lin Yu
An analysis of the works of composers as Alessandro Grandi, Giovanni Rovetta, Ignatio Donati, Jacopo Ganasso, Santino Girelli, and Frencesco Cavalli, published between 1629 and 1675 suggests an acceptance of the tonal indicators described in the octonary tonal systems and that the theoretical cadential hierarchies provided these composers with a means of organizing large contrapuntal structures in these works.
Author:Warren Stewart