Mateu Ferrer i Oller
1788 - 1864
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M. Ferrer i Oller
Mateu Ferrer i Oller (24/02/1788 - 04/01/1864) was an organist, orchestra conductor and composer. He was known as Mateuet (lit. Little Matthew) and studied composition with Francesc Queralt and organ with Carles Baguer. He succeeded the latter in 1815 as organist of the cathedral. In 1830, he was appointed kapellmeister of that same cathedral. In 1827, he directed the Teatre de la Santa Creu (Theatre of the Holy Cross), after leaving Carnicer. He taught the musicians Saldoni, Manent, Rovira i Porcell. A great improviser at the organ, especially on plainsong themes. His religious production includes a Benedictus and a responsorial. He wrote works for the stage and vocal works, in addition to his compositions for keyboard instruments.
Bajo de la Missa de Requiem
Musical form:mass
Bajo de la Missa de Requiem for four voices (SATB).
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis