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Jack Sydney Gerber
1902 - 1979
South Africa
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J.S. Gerber
Jack Sidney Gerber (15/10/1902 - 04/08/1979) was a South African who made his fortune in steel and horse training. Music remained a hobby all his life but he devoted himself to it consistently.
Composed in:1959
Label(s):Prestige Classics PRCDSP 100
Requiem for soprano, contralto, tenor, chorus and chamber orchestra. The Requiem is a contemplative, subtle work which eschews high drama in its personal response to death and the hereafter.
This Requiem contains:
01. Introit & kyrie
02. Offertory
03. Sanctus & Benedictus
04. Agnus Dei & Lux Aeterna
05. Libera Me