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Pedro Macedo Camacho
1979 -
P. M. Camacho
Pedro Macedo Camacho (04/09/1979), a Portuguese composer. He is an award-winning Classical music, film and video game composer also known for his Requiem to Inęs de Castro.
Requiem Inęs de Castro
Period:21st century
Composed in:2012
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Inęs de Castro (1325-1355), crowned as queen of Portugal after death / dedicated to his master and friend Eurico Carrapatoso
Requiem to Inęs de Castro, Op. 1, for orchestra, choir, soprano and baritone; first performance 28 March 2012, Sé Nova (New Cathedral), Coimbra. In 2012 he wrote Requiem to Inęs de Castro, commissioned within the scope of the celebrations of the 650 years of the transfer of the body of Inęs de Castro to the Monastery of Alcobaça.
Contributor:George H.M.J. Mulders
Requiem Inęs de Castro contains:
01. Introďt & Kyrie 5:54
02. Offertorium 6:59
03. Sanctus 2:52
04. Pie Jesu 3:36
05. Agnus Dei 6:48
06. Libera Me 7:22
07. In Paradisum 4:04