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Christian Favre
1955 -
Chr. Favre
Christian Favre (23/01/1955), a Swiss pianist and composer. He was born in Lausanne. He studied at the Music Conservatory of this town, where he graduated with honours in virtuosity in 1975. He continued his studies with Karl Engel in Hanover, Stefan Askenase in Bonn and Guido Agosti in Siena. Christian Favre alternates his performances as soloist, recitalist and chamber music performer allover Europe. He is very successful as professor of concertclasses at the Conservatory of Lausanne. He plays with the violinists Pierre Amoyal, Gilles Colliard and the pianists Martha Argerich, Alexander Rabinovitch, the string ensemble of Munich, the quartets Amati and Sine Nomine.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2008
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the composer's brother Jean-Paul
Label(s):Doron Music DRC 2008
Requiem (2008) for SmSTB soli, mixed choir and orchestra. It contains:
1: Requiem aeternam (9:27)
2: Kyrie (4:06)
3: Dies Irae (2:16)
4: Quantus tremor (3:07)
5: Quid sum miser (5:46)
6: Juste judex (4:42)
7: Lacrimosa (5:54)
8: Sanctus (5:58)
9: Agnus Dei (12:31)