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Jaap Geraedts
1924 - 2003
The Netherlands
J. Geraedts
Jaap Geraedts (12/07/1924 - 31/08/2003), a Dutch composer and flutist, born in The Hague. Jaap Geraedts studied composition with his father Henri Geraedts. Later he also studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Henk Badings, Sem Dresden and Hendrik Andriessen.
He was a versatile composer and received many and quite different commissions from The Netherlands and abroad. The present one movement Septet dated 7 July 1940 turned up among the manuscripts in his estate. The work, that certainly was to be expanded according to the skeches in the same manuscript is on a very small scale, but displays a diverting charm and reveals the impressive abilities of a composer, who was at that time not yet 16 years of age.
Composed in:1959
Requiem (1959) for 4 part choir and organ/harmonium.