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James Cox Beckel
1811 - 1905
United States of America, PE
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J.C. Beckel
James Cox Beckel (20/12/1811 - 07/02/1905), an American organist and composer; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As an organist he held a variety of positions in Philadelphia churches from 1830 to 1880. American organist and composer. From the age of thirteen he assisted his father, also an organist. Beckel worked in several Philadelphia churches including the Clinton Street Emanuel Church (Presbyterian) for over 50 years beginning in 1829. He edited the Musical Clipper, a music, art, and literature journal. Beckel, a Mason, lived in the Philadelphia Masonic Home.
Composed in:1867
Musical form:song
In memory of:Dr. E.K. Kane (1820 - 1857)
Requiem (1867), a strophic song for solo and SATB choir and piano. Lyrics by R.A.R.; first line: "He sleeps but not 'mid the Arctic snows, on which his deeds shed glory". In memory of Elisha Kent Kane (1820 - 1857), America’s first arctic explorer.
Dr. E.K. Kane