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George Frederick Root
1820 - 1895
United States of America, MA
G.F. Root
George Frederick Root [aka George Friedrich Wurzel] (30/08/1820 - 06/08/1895), an American composer; born in Sheffield, died on Bailey's Island, ME. He published over 500 pieces of music from 1848 until 1896. He used his German surname Wurzel, the English equivalent of Root, for his minstrel songs.
Composed in:1852
Musical form:song
A Requiem for solo voice (1852). From: The Academy Vocalist; or Vocal Music Arranged for the Use of Seminaries, High Schools, Singing Classes, Etc.
Published by Mason Brothers, New York [Feb 1852]
The Forest Requiem
Composed in:1859
Musical form:song
The Forest Requiem (No. 3 from Six Ballads) [dated: 29/10/1859].