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Edvin Kallstenius
1881 - 1967
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E. Kallstenius
Edvin Kallstenius (29/08/1881 - 22/11/1967), a Swedish composer and librarian; born in Filipstad, died in Stocksund, Stockholm. He arranged the traditional folk tune used as the de facto national anthem of Sweden, Du gamla, Du fria. Kallstenius studied natural sciences at the Lunds universitet, then music at the Leipzig Conservatory under Stephan Krehl from 1904-1907. As music librarian at Swedish Radio from 1928-46 he made a significant contribution in the field of music administration in Sweden. He also served on the Board of the Society of Swedish Composers from 1933-1961 (Treasurer 1933-1943) and was on the board of the Swedish Performing Rights Society from 1932-1957. Kallstenius achieved an individual style and avoided using only tonal language by devising intense melodies reinforced with imaginative harmony. He declared that his "musical religion is called harmonics – everything else is secondary" and from this basis he worked out his 'meticulously declamed themes'. Although in later works he employed his own personal interpretation of serial style he also composed charming versions of older Swedish music.
När vi dö - Requiem
Composed in:1919
När vi dö ("When We Are Dying"), Op.11 (1919) for choir and orchestra.
Source:Don Michael Randel, The Harvard concise dictionary of music and musicians