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Paul Paviour
1931 -
Great Britain, England | Australia
P. Paviour
Paul Paviour (1931), an English - Australian composer. He was born in Birmingham, U.K. in 1931. After service with the Royal Marines, he was employed in various positions, eventually deciding to work full time in education and composition, particularly works and new ideas involving considerable improvisation and aleatoric creativity. This became part of the school music revolution of the 1960s, although he never embraced the new fads of the period such as dodecaphonic and minimalist pathways and theories. After accepting an academic post at Bathurst in 1969, he settled permanently in Australia the following year, holding several academic positions over the years, including Director of Goulburn Conservatorium. He has also given over half a century to the Anglican Church as choirmaster and organist and is still Director of Music at St. Saviours Cathedral Church, Goulburn. A considerable part of his compositional output is for choir, choral societies and ecclesiastical functions, being one of the leading writers for the Church. He has been in charge of music for many major occasions including the Consecration of Bathurst Cathedral (1971), General Synod, Sydney (1977), and the dedication and opening by Her Majesty the Queen of the New Parliament House (1988). His choir, the Goulburn Consort of Voices, on a tour of Europe, sang for and was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Paul Paviour is always willing to discuss new compositions for any purpose and enjoys new challenges.
Requiem for Robert: a memorial of a friendship
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
In memory of:Robert Patrick Cole (1944 - 2003), the composers friend
Requiem for Robert: a memorial of a friendship /​ by his friend Paul Paviour (2003) for SSAA Choir. Dedication: "In memoriam Robert Patrick Cole (1944-2003)", the composers friend.