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Benjamin Hamma
1831 - 1911
B. Hamma
Benjamin Hamma (10/10/1831 - 02/06/1911), a German composer; born in Dreisslingen, died in Friedlingen an der Donau. Brother of Fridolin and Franz Ham, pupil at Stuttgart of Lindpaintner; then lived in Paris and Rome. He directed concert and singing societies in Koenigsberg until after the war, then devoted himself to teaching, and later became director of the new music school in Stuttgart. He composed the opera, Zarrisco, many songs and part songs, and pianoforte pieces.
Missa pro Defunctis
Composed in:1894
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Missa pro Defunctis (1894), for mixed choir and organ or orchestra.
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003