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John Ferrabosco
1626 - 1682
Great Britain, England
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J. Ferrabosco
John Ferrabosco (09/10/1626 - 15/10/1682), an English composer and organist. He was organist of Ely Cathedral from 1662 until his death in 1682, was probably a son of either Alfonso or Henry. In 1671 he took the degree of Mus.B. at Cambridge, ‘per literas regias.’ It has been suggested that he may have introduced into the cathedral the ‘Chanting Service’ as it is called, in which the verses are set alternately in a florid motet style and in a simple chant form. This is said to have been a not unusual practice in certain Italian churches, and it is supposed that he may have adopted the plan from the land of his family's origin. The manuscript collection at Ely contains eleven anthems by him, as well as many services, one of which, in B flat, is given by Tudway, who wrongly ascribes it to Alfonso Ferrabosco; it is also contained in other manuscript collections, as at Peterborough, and in Sir F. A. Gore Ouseley's collection.
Burial service in G minor
Burial service in G minor for four voices.
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003