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Anton Paris
1744 - 1809
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A.F. Paris
Anton Ferdinand [Anton] Paris (19/02/1744 - 18/06/1809), an Austrian composer and cathedral organist at Salzburg and a prolific composer of sacred music; he composed numerous masses, litanies, offertories, etc. He was on friendly terms with the Mozarts; he socialised with them often and his daughter was a frequent companion of Nannerl Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus' sister.
Author:Edited by Cliff Eisen
Source:Orchestral music in Salzburg 1750 - 1780
Requiem in D major
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
No details available.
Source:Dagny Wegner, Requiemvertonungen in Frankreich zwischen 1670 und 1850, Hamburg, 2005