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Angelo Ciccarelli
1806 - aft.1888
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A. Ciccarelli
Angelo Ciccarelli (25/01/1806 - aft.1888), an Italian composer, born at Teramo, in the Abruzzi. Church composer, pupil at Lanciano of the organist Filippo Gianni, then at the Conservatorio, Naples, of Crescentini in singing, and of Zingarelli in composition. In 1829 he settled in Dresden, where he was much esteemed as a vocal teacher, and also as a member of the royal choir. Works : Stabat Mater for 4 female voices ; Requiem Mass for 4 voices ; Two Misse di Gloria ; Te Deum ; Catherine de Guise, lyric drama ; many vocal compositions.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem Mass for 4 voices.