Bernhard Breuer
1808 - 1877
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B. Breuer
Bernhard Breuer (1808 - 16/10/1877), a German composer; born at Cologne, died in Aachen, Germany. Violoncellist, pupil of his grandfather, who was director of music, then in Berlin of Zelter, of Bernhard Klein in composition, of A. Wilhelm Bach on the organ, and of Moritz Ganz on the violoncello. After his return to Cologne he joined the orchestra of the Stadtthcater, and in 1839 visited Pari.s, where he studied counterpoint under Cherubini. In 1845 he bought the musical concern of Eck & Co., and was for many years professor at the Rhenish School of Music. Works : Die Rosenmiidchen, opera, given at Cologne, 1839 ; Lazarus, oratorio ; Die Sendung des Heiligen Geistes, do.; 3 masses, with orchestra ; Several psalms, with do. ; Requiem mass ; 2 symphonies for orchestra ; 5 overtures for do.; 4 string quartets; Trio for pianoforte, violin, and violoncello ; Duos for violins ; Songs ; Part songs for four male voices, etc.
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
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