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Bernardo Bittoni
1756 - 1829
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B. Bittoni
Bernardo Bittoni (20/08/1756 - 18/05/1829), an Italian composer and organist, born and died at Fabriano, Pontifical States. Pupil of one Lombardi; lived for many years as maestro di musica at Rieti, then in the same capacity in his native place. Alfieri wrote his biography. Works : Mass for 8 voices and orchestra; Requiem Mass for 4 voices and several instruments ; Lauda Jerusalem, psalm for do. Salve Regina, fordo.; Beatus vir, for do. ; Christus factus est, for do.; Credo for do. ; Magnificat ; Miserere ; Many motets, and olt'ertories, etc. ; Sonatas for the organ.
Messa di Requiem in E flat major
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa di Requiem in E flat major for 4 voices and several instruments.