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Joseph Wolfram
1789 - 1839
Czech Republic
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J.M. Wolfram
Joseph Maria [Joseph] Wolfram (21/07/1789 - 30/09/1839), a Bohemian composer, born at Dobrzan, Bohemia, died at Treplitz. Amateur composer, pupil at Prague of Kozeluch in harmony, and in Vienna of Drechsler on the pianoforte. He taught music and singing in Vienna, in 1811-13, obtained a government position at Theusing in 1813, and became mayor of Teplitz in 1824. Works: Operas : Der Diamant, Teplitz, about 1820 ; Herkules ; Maja und Alpino, oder die bezauberte Rose, Dresden, 1826 ; Alfred, ib., 1826 ; Die Normaunen in Sicilien, Dresden, 1828 ; Prinz Lieschen, ib., 1829 ; Der Bergmonch, ib., 1830 ; Schloss Candra, ib., 1832 ; Wittekind, ib., 1838. Missa nuptialis ; Requiem ; Quartets for violins ; Sonatas for pianoforte ; Rondos, variations, etc.; Four-part songs ; Servian folk-songs, and other songs.
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem for 4 voices without accompaniment. Printed: Vienna, 1849.