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Carl Berky
1934 - 2019
United States of America, PA
C.R. Berky
Carl Richard [Carl] Berky (26/02/1934 - 03/05/2019), an American pianist and composer, born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA, and dide in Great Bend, Pennsylvania, USA.
Requiem, from: Songs from the Underwoods
Composed in:1955
Musical form:song
Label(s):LP CRS 724
Songs from the Underwoods for Soprano and piano, written in 1955. It contains:
01 - Souvenir. Youth now flees
02 - Dirge. A visit from the sea
03 - Lament. The sick child
04 - Elegy. Dear friend
05 - Reminiscence. A lover of the Moorland
06 - Requiem. Under the starry sky