Nicolas Richard Bellefroid
1830 - 1915
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N.R. Bellefroid
Nicolas Richard Bellefroid -pseud: N. Ribel- (24/11/1830 - 12/05/1915), a Belgian composer, from Liège; lawyer, barrister, amateur musician, member of the in 1853 founded amateur choir of Societe Royale 'La Legia' in Luik, 1895 aged 64 he had some connection with Sainte Gudule cathedral in Brussel, possibly as church member or as member of 'La Legia' who composed for the choir of Sainte Gudule, only active as composer between 1895-1902 aged 64-71 so after his retirement as barrister ; son of Richard Henri Francois Bellefroid (Luik 20.nov.1801-14.nov.1845 Luik) and Idalie Marie Barbe Idaz Beatrice Caroline Lazarus (Luik Herstal 22.oct.1808-21.dec.1839 Luik) ; stepson of Therese Marie Olivier (Luik Herstal 26.apr.1818-14.jun.1846 Herstal) ; he never married.
Pie Jesu
Composed in:1896
Pie Jesu for Bass and choir. Dedication: Don de "La Legia" (Fernand Gasparini). Pub Veuve Leopold Muraille, Liege 1896. Pub (solo en trois tons: re, si et la) Veuve Leopold Muraille, Liege 1898. ms Conservatoire Royal de Liege, performed by Gustave Suy at the funeral of choirmaster Joseph Fischer at Sainte Gudule 2oct 1897.
Requiem aeternam in F
Composed in:1898
Requiem aeternam in F, for Tenor and organ. Manuscript in: Brussels Fonds Ste Gudule.