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Baldassare Gamucci
1822 - 1892
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B. Gamucci
Baldassare Gamucci (14/12/1822 - 08/02/1892), an Italian composer, pianist and writer on music, born and died in Florence, Italy. Pupil of Carlo Fortini on the pianoforte and of Luigi Picchiauti in composition. He founded in Florence in 1845 a choral society, Del Carmine, which later became the Royal Music Institute, of which he was director. Works : Masses ; Requiem ; Cantatas ; Motets ; Psalms. He was the author also of an elementary work on music, and of "Intorno alia vita ed alle opere di Luigi Cherubim " (1869).
Messa da requiem
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa da requiem, for four voices and orchestra.