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Angelo Balladori
1865 - 1919
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A. Balladori
Angelo Balladori (13/01/1865 - 25/09/1919), an Italian teacher, choral conductor an d composer, born in Scaldasole (Lomellina), died in Lodi (near Piacenza). He was director of the Lodi music school and conductor of the municipal band, and taught choir singing at the women school-teacher academy. He was a prolific composer: 12 succesfully performed operettes , many vocal religious works, piano and organ pieces, pedagogical and theoretical works published by Musica Sacra editions. Like Bellando and Polleri, he joins the new trend of supporters of the religious music reform.
Author:Michelle Bernard
Source:Biographical notes from the edition of Trio Per Organo
Messa da Requiem
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa da Requiem for TTB and organ.