Emil Franz Karl Greith
1828 - 1887
E.F.K. Greith
(Emil Franz) Karl [Carl] Greith (21/02/1828 - 17/11/1887), a Swiss choirmaster and composer, born in Aarau, died in Munich, Germany. Son and pupil of Joseph Greith ; studied in Munich under C. Ett and in Augsburg under C. L. Drobisch. He became music teacher of schools and director of singing societies in St. Gall, taught in Frankfort am Main for several years from 1854, and was professor in the College of Maria Hilf in Schwytz. In 1861 he took his father's place as choirmaster of the St. Gall Cathedral, and after ten years settled as a composer and critic in Munich, where he subsequently became Kapellmeister of the cathedral. Works : Der heilige Gallus, oratorio, Winterthur, 1849 ; Frauenherz, melodrama, Die Waise aus Genf, do., both at St. Gall, about 1850; Symphony, ib., and Basel ; Requiem (Winterthur, 1857) ; 7 vocal masses ; 5 instrumental masses ; Litanies ; Motets ; Many songs to the Holy Virgin, etc. (since 18G2) ; 3 Singspiele ; Jung Rubens, Der Mutter Lied, Der verzauberte Frosch (Munich, since 1871) ; Two-part songs for female chorus (ib.).
Messe für die Verstorbenen in F major
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass in German language
Messe für die Verstorbenen in F major for mixed choir and organ. It contains:
- Eingang und Kyrie
- Kyrie: Herr erbarme dich unser
- Dies irae: Jener Tag der Tag der Zähren
- Offertorium: Nimm dieses Opfer auf in Gnaden
- Sanctus: Heilig bist du o Herr Sabaoth
- Nach der Wandlung: Jesu Du für uns gestorben
- Agnus Dei: Du Lamm Gottes welches tilgt die Sünden der Welt
Requiem in D minor
Composed in:1857
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:F. Schlemmer
Requiem in D minor for two voices, mixed choir and organ. It contains:
- Requiem
- Dies irae
- Domine Jesu Christe
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei