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Alemdar Karamanov
1934 - 2007
A. Karamanov
Alemdar Karamanov (10/09/1934 - 03/05/2007), a Russian composer, born in Simferopol. He studied at the Crimean Music College in Simferopol and then at the Moscow State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatoire (1953-1958) as a composition student of Prof. S. Bogatyrjov (which also was professor at the Kharkiv Arts Institute (Ukraine), and one of founders of the Kharkiv composers' school) and as a piano student of Prof. V. Natanson. There he completed his post-graduate studies as a composition student of Prof. D. Kabalevsky and Prof. T. Khrennikov (1958-1964, with interruptions). He aimed at appropriating and managing technical achievements of the Western Avant-Garde and uniting them with the Russian, “Russian Oriental”(with Crimean motives) and Soviet musical traditions.
Composed in:1971
Label(s):Sametak K 701340
“Requiem” for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1971) Orchestral version in 1991.
Contributor:Peter Ritskes