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Heikki Klemetti
1876 - 1953
H. Klemetti
Heitti Klemetti (14/02/1876 - 26/08/1953), a Finnish composer. He is pioneer in the field in the finnish choral art,composer,author, music historian and folk art researcher was one of the most important figures in Finnish music. He was exceptionally productive as a composer.His choral adaptations of the "Piae Cantiones" musical pieces are particularly well known.
Author:Pentti Kauppi
Requiem aeternam
Musical form:fragment (Introitus et Kyrie)
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):FGLP 1021
A rarity in Klemetti's compositions is his Requiem, which is in latin. This work, which languished forgotten for decades, has an archaistic general tone and original use of melody, making it Klemetti at his best.
Source:booklet of FGLP 1021
Contributor:Pentti Kauppi